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Safariland Holster

The safariland quick locking system is a new quality assurance team for the safariiland brand. We rely on them to ensure that our products are safe and secure. The kit includes the qls 19 and qls 22 polymer holster systems, which can be attached to your gun with a catch or freefloated on the outside of your pocket. The catch creates a strong grip, while the freefloater creates a light grip with a strong pull. The catch and freefloater are both designed to be as safe as possible for your body and your hands.

Safariland Glock 20 21 STX Level 3 ALS SLS Holster RH w/ TLR

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The safariland holster is a great addition to any safe- an essential tool for taking your gun where you need it to be. This keyhole- style holster is made from top-quality materials and designed to provide · perfect fit · on your variety of pants. With its spacious handgrip, you can easily keep track of your gun's location. The safariland holster is also built to endure day-to-day use, being made from durable materials that will never suffer from losing your gun.
thesafariland holster is a quick-kit system that includes a qls 19 and qls 22 polymer holster. It can be used to carry your firearms inside or outside of your vehicle. The holster can be attached to your back with the included screws and it provides excellent security for your firearms.
the safariland holster is a perfect solution for those looking for a comfortable, reliable way to keep their knife grip knife out of the way when out on the trail. This holster comes in both black and white (6360 6365-219 als) style, and boasts a 3-dot sight and 0. 10" take care of any trouble it might have caused. Make sure your knife grip knife is at the ready with this perfect option for the sw mp european.